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Ooltewah, TN Pest Control

Pest Control In Ooltewah, TN

Ooltewah is a small suburban town where residents enjoy a safe community with quality schools, mountains, and parks for natural recreation. Living in this area, people must watch out for stray wildlife wandering into homes now and then. When there’s a pest problem causing chaos, get the services of pest control in Ooltewah right away.

Perfect Blend Pest Solutions is up to the task of eliminating pesky rodents, creepy insects, and other unwanted houseguests. We have over 15 years of experience excluding pests on local properties in Ooltewah and the surrounding areas.

Typically, we treat the exterior of your property but will pull out all the stops to examine and treat the interior as needed. If insulation is a contributing factor to any pest problems, we also offer insulation services.

Pests are unsightly and often spread pathogens, destroy property, and disturb your peace of mind. When you need residential and commercial pest control services, Perfect Blend Pest Solutions swiftly excludes pests and prevents their return.

Call Perfect Blend Pest Solutions so one of our friendly pest control technicians can restore your home to a pest-free state.

Residential Pest Control In Ooltewah

Your home is a sense of security and pride, not an impromptu hostel for ants, roaches, termites, or rodents. When you live in Ooltewah, frequent invasions from local wildlife, flying insects, or other critters can happen. It’s essential to remove factors that attract pests and schedule a visit from pest control services throughout the year. It might seem like DIY solutions can successfully clear a pest infestation, but the products and solutions offered by professional pest control experts in Ooltewah are the most effective option.

Perfect Blend Pest Solutions has the services homeowners need to kick pests out in a hurry. Don’t risk the health and happiness of your family and beloved pets by allowing a pest infestation to linger.

What can homeowners do to protect their property from unwanted pests?

In addition to having Perfect Blend Pest Solutions provide home pest control monthly or quarterly, do your best to deter visits from pests by doing the following:

  • Keep trash covered with tight-fitting lids.
  • Remove sources of standing water by repairing leaks and clearing debris from gutters.
  • Keep your yard manicured, removing long grass, dead branches, leaf piles, and other debris where pests may hide.
  • Be mindful when hanging wildlife or bird feeders, which may attract pests.
  • Cover and seal gaps, cracks, crevices, and holes where pests can enter your home.

Termites can silently eat away at the insides of homes, garages, sheds, decks, and stairs. Ants, cockroaches, and beetles can take over kitchen pantries and leave behind a mess. Mice, rats, squirrels, and other pests can nest in undesirable places, create holes, chew wires, and be difficult to remove without help.

When pests become a nuisance on your property, don’t delay in calling Perfect Blend Pest Solutions to inspect and treat your home with our effective residential pest control services in Ooltewah.

Commercial Pest Control In Ooltewah

Homes aren’t the only place that needs protection from pests, as commercial properties are also vulnerable. Warehouses, kitchen facilities, restaurants, hotels, offices, and multi-unit apartment buildings can all develop pest infestations. When pests invade buildings, they can halt daily business operations, which is costly for employees and disappoints customers. Even worse, if one fails to clear up a pest problem fast enough, property owners may incur fines or have to shut down forever.

It’s worth investing in the quality commercial pest control services in Ooltewah offered by Perfect Blend Pest Solutions to protect your business. When you call Perfect Blend Pest Solutions to treat, exclude, and prevent pests on your property, expect the following:

  • We use Integrated Pest Management strategies and follow up with time-tested procedures.
  • We seal problem areas like cracks and crevices that pests use to enter your property to keep more pests from entering.
  • After we examine your property for problem areas, we seek suitable pest control solutions.
  • We can spray treat cracks and crevices or use traps to catch pests.

Over time, pests cause expensive losses. Don’t risk losing money, time, and gaining a tarnished reputation because of repugnant pests running amok. Instead, call Perfect Blend Pest Solutions to get an inspection and a customized pest control treatment schedule to keep pests out.

What Are Ways I Can Prevent A Mosquito Infestation In Ooltewah?

During the height of summer, mosquitoes can be quite a nuisance. Mosquito infestations follow when there is plenty of rainy weather, balmy temperatures, and standing water for these insects to breed. However, homeowners can find helpful ways to prevent pesky mosquitoes from hanging around the house and yard. For the best solution, choose a targeted mosquito control service in Ooltewah from the best mosquito control company around town.

Perfect Blend Pest Solutions provides top-notch mosquito solutions and can help you prevent future problems. Besides scheduling mosquito control services to exclude these pests, try doing the following:

  • Keep plants around that mosquitoes can’t stand, like eucalyptus or citronella.
  • Avoid wearing sweet-smelling lotions, body sprays, or shampoos.
  • Cover windows and doors with screens that are in good repair and free of large holes.
  • Maintain landscaping and avoid overgrown areas on your property.
  • Minimize standing water on your property and improve drainage to reduce breeding areas for pesky mosquitoes.

The most important thing to do is remove factors that attract mosquito pests and have the professionals at Perfect Blend Pest Solutions look over your property. With a proper inspection, pest control technicians from Perfect Blend Pest Solutions can point out problem areas and provide effective products and solutions to deter these biting insects.

Schedule an appointment with Perfect Blend Pest Solutions to protect your home, family, and pets from unwanted mosquito invaders.

The Most Effective Rodent Control For Your Ooltewah Home

Unfortunately, even the cleanest home can get a pest infestation now and then. Pests like mice, rats, and squirrels will enter your home to build a nest because it’s climate-controlled and has ample food and water. It’s essential to patch holes, use covers for the chimney, and eliminate gaps around doors and windows.

Perfect Blend Pest Solutions is ready to tackle rodent pests that invade your home, thwarting these critters from spreading pathogens and mayhem.

Why is it vital to get rodent control services in Ooltewah as a homeowner? Consider the following points:

  • During colder parts of the year and breeding season, rodents will look for a safe place to stay warm, bear offspring, and find sustenance. Your home is a prime target for rodent pests.
  • If you suspect rodents are inside your home, a knowledgeable technician can examine attics, basements, closets, crawl spaces, and odd areas you might overlook or have trouble accessing.
  • Scheduling monthly or quarterly visits to treat your home to prevent rodents gives you peace of mind.

Interacting with rodents, their droppings, contaminated surfaces, or removing dead pests can expose you to health hazards. Let the experts at Perfect Blend Pest Solutions help with any troubling issues involving an infestation of mice, rats, or other worrisome rodents.

Don’t wait to call Perfect Blend Pest Solutions to solve your rodent problem and kick these pests to the curb.