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Rodent Control In Signal Mountain, TN And Surrounding Areas

Expert Rodent Exclusion For Chattanooga & Signal Mountain Properties

No pest is as consistent in its attempt to get inside your property as the rodent. In the Signal Mountain area, the most common rodents you'll experience in your home are either mice or rats. 

Despite their similar appearance, each rodent species has different behaviors, habits, and needs, which you must fully understand to successfully eliminate them from the premises. As such, the best approach is rodent control and exclusion from trained professionals.

Our Rodent Control Process

Rodent control is a process that must be done with care and with a holistic viewpoint. It's not enough to address one aspect of the problem. That's why we approach your rodent control by first starting with a full inspection.

During the inspection, we check the interior and exterior of your home for the following:

  • Entry points
  • Signs of damage caused by rodents
  • Signs of rodents

After the inspection is complete, we get to work on your treatment plan, which we customize to your unique needs. We provide a range of treatment combinations that include:

  • Bait boxes: We place these boxes around the exterior of your home, in locations safe from pets and children.
  • Live capture: Where possible, we'll perform live capture of any rodents in your house.
  • Glue boards/snap traps: We lay these boards and traps in locations where rodent activity is the highest.

Besides rodent control and elimination, our team also performs exclusion work to help keep the rodents from getting inside. For this process, we focus on smaller repairs to the entry points found during the inspection. We warranty our exclusion work for 12 months.

Our team provides three follow-up visits after the initial treatment and exclusion work is complete to keep you rodent-free.

Reliable Rodent Control In Chattanooga Is At Your Fingertips

Don’t wait for rodents to become a problem on your Chattanooga area property. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and allow us to defend your property against them effectively. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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