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South Pittsburg, TN Pest Control

Expert Pest Management In South Pittsburg, TN

If you live in South Pittsburg, TN, you know that we have no shortage of pests. It is likely that you've seen ants in your driveway, flies around your trash receptacles, bees or wasps in your landscaping, stink bugs crawling on your screens, occasional spiders inside your home, and more.

While you can put up with these pests, it is a whole lot nicer to seek out Marion County pest control and get year-round pest control. Let's take a look at some clever ways pests can be managed and excluded from your South Pittsburg home or business.

Residential Pest Control In South Pittsburg, TN

Pest control is a science that has many disciplines. It is likely that you are aware that chemistry plays a significant role. But the creation and application of pesticides is far from the only way to keep pests out of your home or to prevent pests from driving you crazy while you're in your yard.

There are many other scientific disciplines that are utilized, such as biology, entomology, geology, and good ol' fashion handyman skills. At Perfect Blend Pest Solutions, we use a perfect blend of scientific disciplines to get effective control of pests with the least amount of control products and with products that target only the pests being treated.

  • We remove spider webs. Spider web removal reduces spider populations because a spider web can have an egg sac with hundreds of eggs in it. Removing webs also sends a signal to spiders that your property isn't a safe place to create webs.
  • We clean up dead insects which are a food source for other pests.
  • We seal up potential entry points such as gaps around pipes and wire conduits.
  • We use glue boards and traps to capture certain pests and to monitor general pest activity.
  • We use insect growth regulators to stop mosquitoes. What do insect growth regulators do? They disrupt the development process. While rarely fatal to adult mosquitoes, IGRs can make adults sterile, prevent eggs from hatching, and stop larvae from developing.

These are only a few of the many ways our home pest control technicians use science to stop pests from becoming a problem. No matter what pest pressures you're dealing with on your property, you'll always have appropriate pest management to reduce pest activity, deter pest development, address breeding sites, eliminate colonies, and keep pests out of your home. Would you like to learn more or schedule service? Connect with us today.   

Commercial Pest Control In South Pittsburg, TN

Nowhere is the science of pest management more needed than in the protection of commercial environments. When all-natural pest maintenance, eco-friendly pest control, and targeted products are used, you get long-lasting commercial pest control that meets all government regulatory standards. When it comes to protecting your South Pittsburg business, don't settle for anything less.

The Secret To Keeping Mice Away From Your South Pittsburg Property

Long before you contact Perfect Blend Pest Solutions for rodent control, there are many steps you can take to keep mice from becoming a problem. These simple scientific methods take into consideration food preferences, hiding places, and behavior patterns:

  • Mice have a preference for seeds. If you have bird feeders, you may inadvertently be inviting mice to get into your home. Move bird feeders away from your exterior to deter mice.
  • Mice eat nuts. If you have trees that produce nuts, it is important to stay on top of clean-up.
  • Mice love to hide in stacked wood. If you have construction materials, firewood, dead branches, or some other source of wood near your home, moving it away from your exterior will reduce mouse activity near your home.
  • Mice have poor eyesight and will use objects that rest on the ground for navigation. A lawn that is free of clutter will create a natural barrier against mice. When you keep your lawn cut, you add even more of a barrier.
  • Mice like to hide in landscape vegetation. When you trim your plants near the base, you open your landscape up and make it more difficult for mice to hide near your home.
  • Mice get underneath decks, porches, stairs, and into crawlspaces. In these places, they can freely work on chewing a hole into your home. Use fencing material to keep them out of these voids.

These and other natural methods can help you keep mice out. If conditions are too difficult to alter and mice get into your home, contact Perfect Blend Pest Solutions for rodent control.

Three Reasons Why Your South Pittsburg Home May Have An Ant Problem

There are many ant species in our area and far more than three reasons they get into South Pittsburg homes. But these three reasons generally apply to all ants:

  1. Ants find a route. They can get in by going under exterior doors or by passing through a gap in weatherstripping. They can get in through a gap around pipes or wire conduits.
  2. Ants need moisture to survive. A clogged gutter or a broken downspout can create moisture problems that attract ants and increase ant populations near your home.
  3. Flowers. Yup. A lawn that has a weed problem is likely to have an ant problem.

When ants become a problem for you on your South Pittsburg property, you can count on Perfect Blend Pest Solutions to help you get control of those ants and keep them out of your home.